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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Following the Journey -- Part Seven: The End of the Road

All genealogical research on any given ancestral line finally ends. Records are just not available for any more research. Even though this is a natural and very common occurrence, it is something some genealogists cannot accept. They keep looking for that elusive record, long after it is almost certain that no more records exist.

Now while traveling in the Northeast, we found ourselves lost a number of times. We just had to stop, orient ourselves and turn around and try to make it back to the last known position. We need to try and do this in our family history research also. There is a time when we realize that we are on the wrong family line and it is time to retrace our steps and find out where we went wrong. However, it seems that there are always a few researchers that never seem to realize they are on the wrong line and just keep adding names long after the real relationships have been lost.

Well, it has been a good trip and it is now time to get back to Utah and research in the libraries and online. It will take a while to get back so if I miss a day or two of writing, be patient.

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