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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Limits on Entries in the FamilySearch Memories and the Family Tree

The Memories section of the website continues to evolve. With the recent upgrade of the entire website, there have been a few limitations put on the entries. Here are some of the numerical limitations imposed:
  • 1000 -- the total number of memory tags or links you can have for one individual. If you have more than this number, then you cannot add any more tags. This means that the total number of photos, stories and records cannot exceed this number. 
  • 5 MB -- the size limit for stories uploaded or entered into the story area. This is equal to about 1,000 pages of text.
  • No limit -- to the number of total items you can contribute to Memories at this time. 
  • 15 MB -- the file size limitation for .jpg, .tif, .bmp, .png, .mp3, and .mp4a files that can be uploaded
See the following Help Center articles
In the Family Tree there are the following limits;
  • Spouses: 200
  • Parents: 100
  • Children: 400
  • Names, facts, and events in the Other Information section: 200
  • Sources: 200
  • Memories: 1,000
  • Other persons identified as "not a match": 400
  • Discussions: 50
  • Notes: 50 (each note can have up to 10,752 characters.) Please be aware that relationship notes can only be up to 12, whereas Individual notes can be up to 50.
See Limits to the data about persons in Family Tree. I am sorry that we are limited to only 200 spouses and only 400 children, however, I am certain that very, very few people will run into these limits. But there are probably some of them, such as the limit on the "not a match" that you might eventually run into with very commonly named individuals. 

Here are some further limits on the data fields in the Family Tree.
  • Note: 10752 characters
  • Name: 256 characters per part of the name (first name, last name, title, suffix)
  • Place: 256 characters
  • Life sketch: 10,000 characters
  • Reason statements: 2,000 characters
  • Description field of a fact: 2,000 characters
Most of these are more than adequate, but you might run into these limitations if you are not aware of them. See Character limits in the fields in Family Tree. Here are a few more limits to family relationships:
  • Sources: 50
  • Notes: 12 (Each note can have up to 10,752 characters.) Please be aware that relationship notes can only be up to 12, whereas Individual notes can be up to 50.
  • Couple relationships can have up to 40 marriage events.Parent-child relationships can have up to 40 relationship types.
You may have to think about some of these for a while before they make any sense, but the limits set are not likely to pose a problem to very many users of the program. 


  1. The Watch List for a user apparently has a limit of about 3000

  2. I can't see all the pictures I have posted of my dad. When I try to add, it says a picture is a duplicate but it doesn't show up in photos under memories.