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Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Family History Guide is the Answer

Navigating the Family History Guide - Bob Taylor

What I see as the biggest challenge in genealogy or family history today is keeping up with the accelerating pace of technological changes. The challenge is basically one of education and training. Most of us have neither the time nor the inclination to immerse ourselves in both the intricacies of genealogical research and the technological skills necessary to operate in the specialized online world. The developers of The Family History Guide have crafted a self-paced and self-directed way to work through all of the challenges facing beginning, intermediate and even advanced genealogical researchers.

The Family History Guide is not a substitute for the Research Wiki or any of the other online resources. What it does is instruct in a way that helps everyone move from where they are presently into a higher level of understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to adequately face the challenges.

The above video is the third in a series that Bob Taylor has presented for the Brigham Young University Family History Library YouTube Channel. If you subscribe to the BYU Family History Library Channel, you will get email notices from Google when new videos are uploaded.

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