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Friday, July 29, 2016

Thousands of Changes on the FamilySearch Family Tree

You might want to take a look at your Lists item on the menu for the Family Tree.

Here is a screenshot of part of my list of people I am watching:

So far, I am only watching 167 people. I will probably add some more in the future as I do more editing. When you watch someone in the Family Tree, FamilySearch sends you an email every week listing the changes made to those people.

By clicking on the button, I can see a list of all of the changes made to the people I am watching. Here is the screenshot of part of the list of all of the changes. You can see that there have been 2872 changes, which number will probably increase almost immediately.

I always review the email notice I get from FamilySearch every week. Here is a screenshot of the most recent edition:

The reality of this situation is that I am mostly happy about the changes being made. In at least two instances in this long list (not all of the list is in the screenshot) people had added unsupported duplicates, which I immediately merged. This is the main reason for watching some of the individuals in the Family Tree. If you are actively working on the Family Tree, you should be welcoming the changes rather than ranking about them. It is certain true that some of the changes are inappropriate, but many are helpful. What is certainly true is that the information in my portion of the Family Tree is in much better shape than it was even a year ago.

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