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Monday, May 8, 2017

FamilySearch Labs disappears

For many years, FamilySearch has maintained a website called FamilySearch Labs ( Some of the innovative features of the main website have been tested on this little known and less used website. As of today and perhaps for some time now, the Labs website has disappeared. If I enter the URL, the former address goes directly to The one most useful feature of the Labs website was and is the map of England and Wales Jurisdictions 1851. This feature is still online at but there is no evident direct link from to this "Maps" website.

There are several pages (or websites) contained within or associated with that are essentially isolated links. Sometimes knowledge of these isolated pages or websites is passed around the genealogical community, but some of them do not even appear on the Site Map.

By the way, did you know that the website had a sitemap?


  1. Hello James, the link is in the site map, under Historical Records, England & Wales Jurisdictions 1851.

    1. Thanks, I guess I didn't focus enough on the site map list. But the site map is not what most people look at anyway.