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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Get Started with Web Indexing

Note: Those who are presently using the desktop version of the program do not need to worry. The online version may replace the desktop version, but you will still be able to do your indexing from your desktop computer. 

Web Indexing is now a reality. For the time being, both the downloadable version and the new web version of the Indexing program are available. One of the main advantages is that the program has now gone mobile. You can use your internet browser on your tablet or laptop. However, the program is not yet optimized for smartphones.

To get started, you will need a free account. You can see from the screenshot above that the Indexing program is in the main menu and Web Indexing is one of the main choices in the program. The FamilySearch Blog had a recent post about "How To Get Started With Indexing Online." Here are the steps they suggest:
  1. Take a Quick Tour. Give indexing a try with a quick tour.
  2. Review the Simple Guidelines. Take a minute to get familiar with a few important guidelines every indexer should know.
  3. Choose a Favorite Project. With over 100 indexing projects worldwide, you’re sure to find one that interests you.
  4. Find More Hints. Have questions about indexing in general? We’ve got answers. Check out these valuable resources.
  5. Get Answers. Have more questions about web indexing? Here are answers to frequently asked questions.
Now that the program is mobile, I may have some unused time that I can use to squeeze in some indexing.  

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