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Monday, October 28, 2013

Answering question about Temple names submission

From time to time I get questions involving the submission of names to the Temple. Sometimes these questions involve the mechanics of printing the cards from a Family Ordinance Request form, but most of the time the questions involve policies for either performing the ordinances or which ancestors can be submitted. Consistently, I try to direct all of these inquiries to the Help Center. Here is a screenshot showing the location of the link called Get Help:

If you want to get help with questions about the Temple, you must be signed in with an LDS Account. Clicking on the link brings up the following screen:

Further help screens are located under the listing of "Product Support." In this instance, information about the Temple is a product. If you click on the Product Support link, you get the following screen:

Now you can see the link to the Help page for the Temple related questions. Clicking on that screen gives you the following:

You can scroll down that same page to get the following:

If you find a topic that answers your question, you can click on the title. If you have a question you cannot find in the list, you can type an inquiry into the form.

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