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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Explaining Temple Ordinances to those who are not members

Given the sacred nature of anything having to do with Temples, it is always a challenge to know what to say and what not to say, especially in a public context. It has always been my policy to err in favor of discretion. But if the conversation must go further, I suggest following the guidelines set down by the current Church websites.

Here are some links to websites and pages that help with the basics of what to say and what is not appropriate to discuss.
Some of the basic questions are answered in a very appropriate way on the website under the Frequently Asked Questions subject heading of Temples.  There are also links from that page to Answers from other Mormons. Following the links on will give you a good understanding of the way questions about the Temple should be answered.
Another good resource is the website. Look under the Teachings link to a further link to Temples. There are several very good links from the Temples page to books, the Scriptures, and other references. has been a battlefield of information both for and against the Church and Temples have suffered their attacks also. A search on the words "LDS Temples" will bring up both Church sponsored videos and blatantly anti-Mormon productions. You may notice some of the videos by people with my same surname. Yes, they were distant relatives who left the Church and spent their entire lives attacking the Church and its doctrines.
This is a good place to visit to obtain authorized, direct and uncomplicated statements about the Church and Church doctrine. Temples are a frequent topic and the video at the beginning of this post came from that website.

These are a few of the sites that can help with official statements about the Church. Before using any of these materials, I would suggest carefully examining their origin.

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