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Monday, September 1, 2014

A Blog Index?

I received the following comment from a reader:
I realize that many people ask you the same questions over & over and reading your blogs would help minimize this problem.  Perhaps, you have a blog index which I should have checked and might have prevented my asking you this "cousin" question.  I will make a dedicated effort not to make these question emails to you a common occurrence.  Ha!  But questions do come up!. Hopefully, you will slow down a little so that you will be around a little longer.
I presently have written 3374 posts on Genealogy's Star and 343 posts on this blog. I am not sure how I would go about creating a workable index. Fortunately I don't really have to create one. All of my blogs are entirely indexed and searchable by Google. If you want to see if I have written on any topic or you want to find a topic you remember, just do a Google search and include either the name of the blog or my name. If you include the name of the blog or whatever, you should use the following method of searching including inserting the quotation marks:

familysearch indexing "james tanner"

The spaces are automatically assumed by Google Search to be "+" signs so a search will look for all three terms, including the complete name, in any website. Here is a screenshot showing the results of such a search:

The references to this blog start about 2/3 the way down the page. The results are presented with the most commonly clicked on websites at the beginning of the list. You might have to try a few different searches before you get the hang of this type of search, but most topics should show up in the first page of results.

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