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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Is Your Stake Prepared for the New Indexing Program?

FamilySearch is in the process of developing a new Indexing Program that will be completely online. There have been a number of FamilySearch blog posts on the upcoming program. Here are links to some of the blogs that talk about the introduction of the program and its features:
The first post on this list explains that stake indexing directors can help the stake members be prepared for the new indexing program by laying a foundation for change over the coming months. This foundation will help them be ready when it’s time to make the transition to the new program. Change is not easy for any of us, and the actions that you take now will help things go more smoothly in the future.

In the coming weeks, stake indexing directors will have access to the beta (test) program so that they can explore how it works and test its features. That is one of the best ways they can begin preparing for the new program. The post entitled "Peer to Peer: Preparing Your Stake for the New Indexing Program" will give you a few suggestions explaining what some stakes are doing to get ready for the transition. If you are reading this post and are not in the indexing program, I would suggest you may want to pass this along to one of your indexing friends or the stake director.

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