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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Learn from BYU's Family History Lab

It has been some time since I reviewed the genealogical resources available through Brigham Young University. For some time now, BYU has provided a free full-blown university level course on genealogy called Religion 261. The online course comes complete with a Student Manual, Supplemental Readings and a U.S. Census Tutorial. Obviously, this course is designed for full-time students at BYU, but the benefit we have as outsiders is that the course contents are freely available online. The sections of the class are as follows:

Of course, reviewing this course got me poking around a little more on the BYU website. Of course, there are all the resources linked on the BYU Family History Library website

I just finished writing a blog post for Genealogy's Star about the BYU Family History Technology Lab. But there are a lot more resources available if you are persistent in searching. For example, there is the Center for Family History and Genealogy

The current projects include the following:
  • Nauvoo Community Project
  • Immigrant Ancestor Project
  • Bertram Merrell's Index of English Marriages
  • Script Tutorials
  • Discovering English Ancestors
  • Welsh Mormon History
  • Family History Companion
Each of these resources are remarkable. Together, they are more than remarkable.

Oh, did you know that the BYU Family History Library has a YouTube Channel? That should give you a heads up on what might be available if you keeping digging around on the Web for genealogy. 

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