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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Traditional Pedigree View on Family Tree to change

A blog post from FamilySearch by Robert Kehrer announced the there would be "A New Look for the Traditional Pedigree View on Family Tree." As of the date of this post, the change was not evident, but the FamilySearch post outlines the changes:
Traditional pedigree is being redesigned. It will have the look and much of the same look and feel of the landscape view. It will also have some of the same functions that are found in the descendancy view. For example data errors, hints, and so on. It also offers new options to change colors.

There are a number of significant improvements to this popular view. These improvements include:
  • Marriage Information—Each couple link will now display the marriage date and place.
  • Scrolling—Users can now use their mouse scroll to move the view.
  • Photos—The preferred photo will be displayed for each person.
  • Indicators—Research Suggestions, Data Problems, and Record Hints will be displayed for each person.
  • Two Color Schemes—Users can now choose between two different color schemes (Daybreak and Nightshade).
  • Simplified Alternate Parent and Spouse Selectors—It’s now much easier to select preferred parents or spouses.
  • Easier to Identify the Descendant—The direct descendant of an ancestor now stands out in contrast to their spouse.
  • No Hover Actions—The controls on each link are always displayed (i.e. Children). This improves support for touch pad devices.
It appears to me that the changes will be welcome. I am not especially a fan of the present design of the "Traditional View."

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