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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stakes encouraged to hold Family Discovery Days

For the past two years, has recorded classes presented at #RootsTech, the large family history conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah for replay at local Stake sponsored events previously referred to as Stake Family History Fairs. This year, 2015, there will be another push to extend the concept of a local family history event through the use of Family Discovery Days. A flyer about the event is being sent to Stake Presidents from the Area Family History Advisers.

The Stake leaders are invited as follows:
Host a RootsTech Family Discovery Day in 2015 Your stake is invited to join with hundreds of other stakes in hosting a RootsTech family discovery day (formerly family history fair). A family discovery day event is a great opportunity to hear messages from Church leaders that will inspire and assist members to find the names of their ancestors, prepare to take those names to the temple for ordinance work, and teach others to do the same. 
Participation of the Stakes in the Family Discovery Day can help the members increase their participation in family history related activities:
A Family Discovery Day Can Help • Inspire members in your area to take family names to the temple through talks by Elder Quentin L. Cook and Elder Neil L. Andersen
• Strengthen family ties—past, present, and future—with messages from Bonnie L. Oscarson, Linda K. Burton and Brother Tad R. Callister
• Protect youth and children with the promised blessings of participating in family history
• Help new converts and investigators to learn more about their own families and the eternal nature of all families through temple ordinances 
There are four steps for Stakes to get started:
1. Sign up your stake at 2. Add the date to your stake calendar
3. Review the training and promotional materials at 4. Plan and host a fun and exciting family discovery day in your stake  
Support from the Family History Department includes:
• Prerecorded classes and lesson materials
• Customizable promotional materials
• Planning and technical guides
• Activities for all ages 

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