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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Software Announcements Create Controversy

From time to time, I choose to post comments on Genealogy's Star that are important to note over here on my LDS oriented blog. The division between the two blogs is sort-of arbitrary in any event. Recently, there have been some prominent announcements by and about products that are being discontinued. These announcements could affect family historians who happened to be using the now discontinued products. See the following links for detailed explanations:

The important lesson to draw from these announcements is the need to backup our genealogical data in more than one particular program or format. I will be writing some more about backing up files soon. 


  1. I hope you'll mention, James, that backing up a proprietary format may not be much good if the associated product is being discontinued. Unfortunately, there aren't many recommendations I can make there, and I suspect that the less tech-savy users will not be aware of how precarious their data options currently are.

  2. I could be mistaken, but I feel that FamilySearch Family Tree is one of the only places that will endure, even with Open Edit format. If the founding organization is stable and eternal, perhaps the software will be too!