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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Print Temple Ordinance Cards at Home

For some time now FamilySearch has been discussing the possibility that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be able to print Temple ordinance cards at home rather than print out a Family Ordinance Request form and take the form to the Temple for printing cards. The formal announcement that members will be able to print cards at home was made in a blog post from FamilySearch by Jim Ericson entitled, "New: Print Temple Ordinance Cards at Home." Here is what the formal announcement has to say:
Taking a family name to the temple using FamilySearch Family Tree has always included the step of printing a Family Ordinance Request (FOR). The FOR was then taken to the temple office where a temple worker used it to print out temple cards which were then used for ordinance work. As a result of a new collaboration between the Temple and Family History departments, temple patrons will now be able to print out temple cards at home, cutting out that extra step and making the temple experience simpler.
They might also add that it saves the Temples a whole lot of time and money. It may also likely encourage people to batch their ordinances so as to minimize the use of paper.

Whether or not you will see this as an option when you print from the Family Tree is explained by the following:
When will I be able to print Family Ordinance Request cards from home?

The ability to print temple cards from home will be activiated on a stake by stake basis, based on which temple district you live in. This process started in November, 2015, and will continue through the first few months of 2016. The order and timing will be determined by the Temple Department. There is no option to request early access.
 When your Temple district is authorized, you will see the following on the print link from your Temple reserved list:

Temple Card Submission 1

There is a section of Frequently Asked Questions in the blog post. I suggest you read the entire post carefully. The cards will not have to be printed on colored paper. The post encourages members to use regular white paper and black ink or toner. Here is what the cards will look like:

Temple Card Submission 2

Printing the cards at home will simplify the process of re-printing a card if that should become necessary. 

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  1. That's wonderful news, and will make the ordinance process much simpler. Thanks for sharing.