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Monday, May 9, 2016

Helping Members Participate in Temple and Family History Service

Buried down in the website is an insightful and very useful two-sided handout for family history. Here is a screen shot of the front side.

Here is the link to this document:

Rather than reproducing what this handout says, I would suggest that you click on the link and read it yourself. My personal experience is that when this outline is followed there is a significant increase in the Ward and Stake Temple activity and more people submit more names to the Temples.


  1. How/where did you find this on

    1. The link is above in the post.

    2. I see the link. I'd like to know where you navigated on to find this PDF. I'd like to send people from my ward to the same link but send them to the page that leads to the PDF. I hope that makes sense. :-) Thanks!

    3. I did a new post with the information on the location of the PDF file. :-)