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Thursday, May 19, 2016

World Wide Indexing Event Scheduled for July 15-17


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Each year, FamilySearch sponsors an event of global proportions to raise awareness and introduce new people to the joy and blessings that come from indexing genealogical and historical records. 
This year’s worldwide indexing event will be held on July 15–17. The goal this year is for 72,000 people worldwide to come together and index at least one batch during those 72 hours. 
As you know, indexing makes new family discoveries possible for millions of people searching for their ancestors. Since FamilySearch indexing began in 2006, this unprecedented crowdsourcing effort has produced more than one billion searchable records. 
Your ward and stake has been involved in indexing over the years. We invite you to encourage your others to index during the event. They can index in their own homes during the 72 hours, or you may decide to hold an event during which people can index together. Your efforts will bless the lives of those you serve and will fuel family discoveries for generations to come. 
To learn more about hosting or promoting an indexing event and to find ready-to-use resources such as posters, images, and fliers, visit the Host an Indexing Event page on
 One of the unsung benefits of becoming involved in Indexing is that the participants gain valuable perspective and skills regarding the need to use records to establish their ancestry. I am sure that some of the new Indexers have their very first experience in reading difficult handwriting and deciphering names and other information when they begin.

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