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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mormon Pioneer Records in Utah

What I find interesting is that people come from all over the world to spend time at the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah and miss the full Utah research experience. This is particularly true for researchers who are looking for information on their Utah Pioneer ancestors. Of course, I could start by pointing out that just 45 minutes or so south of the Family History Library is the Brigham Young University campus, home to the second largest Family History Library in the world.  But this is really only the beginning of the research opportunities in and around Salt Lake City, Utah.

Utah is the home of a number of outstanding colleges and universities. Some of these schools have major research libraries and are located a fairly short driving distance from downtown Salt Lake City. They include two major universities in addition to BYU: Utah Valley University, Orem and The University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

In addition to the universities, Salt Lake City has a major city library on a short distance from the Family History Library. There is also The Church History Library, a major repository for documents and other items about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Salt Lake City is also the home of the Utah State Archives, located only a short distance from the Family History Library.

Right up the hill from the Family History Library is the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum, a major history facility for research and photographs.

I strongly suggest doing your due diligence before planning a visit to any location away from your home. With the number of documents being digitized, it is a good idea to do an extensive online search of your research needs and the holdings of these facilities. It is also a good idea to be aware of the hours of operation and any restrictions on copying documents or other items in the collections.

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  1. For a really fun pioneer 'research' experience for the whole family, visit the Pioneer State Park north of the Zoo at the mouth of Emigration Canyon. They have several log cabin houses of famous pioneers and wives, and there are families and children dressed as pioneers who tell stories of the people. They spin, card, and do other activities that pioneers and their children would do. Some of my nephews and nieces volunteer there and are very well versed in pioneer work and lore. Fun time.