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Thursday, May 5, 2016

RootsMagic Adds Record Hints from

I have recently written about the challenges of dealing with a lot of record hints from the large online genealogy programs. Meanwhile, RootsMagic has been going about doing something about the problem. The latest announcement from the RootsMagic Blog addresses the issue with
One of the biggest new features in RootsMagic 7 is our amazing WebHints™. RootsMagic automatically searches your favorite genealogy record sites including FamilySearch and MyHeritage for possible matches to your data. As matches are found, a light bulb appears next to each person’s name. Clicking on the light bulb opens up a web browser with the matching records (some records may require a subscription).
RootsMagic is the first software to search multiple providers for matching records. And with today’s update (7.2), we are excited to welcome Findmypast to our WebHints!
 The effective of this upgrade is that now, if you maintain your genealogical database in RootsMagic, the program will show you when any of the three programs has additional record hints for each of the people in your database. I recently worked on entering hundreds of names into RootsMagic for a specialized group of individuals for a university study. I found the WebHints from RootsMagic to be exceptionally valuable in completing some of the information from the study that was missing on certain individuals.

Here is a screenshot of some of the WebHints for one of my own ancestors that I found in my RootsMagic database.

The advantage here is that the availability of the record hints in one location saves time searching each individual website and also allows us to focus on specific research issues. If you already use RootsMagic, you can update your program to use the new features for free.

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