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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Invitations and Blessings of Family History

There are whole sections of the website dedicated to family history. I am certain from the reaction I get from members of the Church when I talk about the resources on the website that very few people, even those involved directly in family history, are aware of those resources. The above page is just one example of the wonderful resources available.

There are two ways to access this information in this resources. The first is to click on the Serve and Teach link in the Menu Bar on the home page and select All Callings.

The link takes you to a page with resources for all of the callings in the church. Look for the icon for Family History.

This will take you to resources for each of the family history callings in the Church.

An additional section of resources is accessed by clicking on the Scriptures and Study link on the home page menu bar and then clicking on the Gospel Topics link.

When you arrive at the Gospel Topics section, click on the letter" F" and you will go to the list of topics.

The Family History link will take you to another extensive section of resources for Family History, including the one I refer to in the title of this post.

The General Conference Training Section has a link to the Helping Members Participate in Temple and Family History Service Handout I featured in a previous post. 

I wonder how many leaders in the Church have taken advantage of these resources? Or even know that they are on

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