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Thursday, September 29, 2016

141 Million New Record Hints Added to the FamilySearch Family Tree is continually adding new Record Hints to the Family Tree as new records are indexed and added to the database of the Historical Record Collections. In a recent post entitled, "141 Million New Ancestor Hints Added to FamilySearch Family Tree," FamilySearch explained the importance of the Record Hints.
Hints matter because they can make it easier for you to discover your ancestors in historical records. Finding out when people were born, where they lived, details about a marriage or a death can lead to other discoveries that all work together to help tell your family story. And it is interesting to learn about what your ancestors’ lives were like, details that are often preserved in these types of records. 
Normally, you would search the FamilySearch collection of records for information on each ancestor separately. With hinting, FamilySearch conducts a search for you and delivers results you can review and even compare with information already in the tree. These records often identify individuals who can be added to the tree, or they help provide a solid source of information about an ancestor already in the tree.
I have found the Record Hints to be an invaluable aid to extending and clarifying my own family lines. Although I have to examine each Record Hint to be assured that it applies to my ancestor, I do find them to be very accurate. For those users who are searching for Temple opportunities, I suggest spending time adding the Record Hints to your ancestors. This process alone is calculated to find new people, not previously added to the Family Tree. But be careful, because not all of the Record Hints are correct despite their overall accuracy.

In most cases, it is most important to make sure that the locations mentioned in the Record Hints match up with the places where events in your ancestors' lives actually occurred. The Record Hints have become a huge time saver. Rather than spend my own time looking for pertinent records. I can quickly add and use the information provided by the Record Hint technology.

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