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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

LDS Users Attach Sources Directly from MyHeritage to the FamilySearch Family Tree

In an announcement made September 14, 2016, Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are registered on with an LDS account, can now attached sources directly from to the Family Tree. What is not clear from the announcement I received is whether or not this ability is limited to those with and LDS account in one or both programs.

Here is what the announcement had to say:
FamilySearch is all about helping people discover meaningful ancestral connections. For this reason, we have relationships with programs like MyHeritage, Ancestry, and FindMyPast, to provide exciting discovery experiences. Each program offers a massive resource of records, and these partnerships provide a special opportunity to collect sources from many different places and store them to your ancestors’ profile pages in FamilySearch. 
Taking records from other programs requires some extra effort when toggling between websites in order to copy and paste multiple fields into FamilySearch—until now! MyHeritage now features a simple link at the bottom of their website’s page that offers to “Attach Source to FamilySearch.” That’s it! With one click, you’ve stored a new source to an ancestor in FamilySearch!
I hope FamilySearch is prepared for the avalanche of records I can now add directly from that are not in FamilySearch or the other programs.


  1. This should be available to anyone who has a MyHeritage subscription. Currently, it only works if you start your search from FamilySearch, using the MyHeritage icon on the right-hand side of the person page.

    Eventually, FamilySearch plans to provide a feature to allow the attachments to come across even if the search wasn't initiated from the person page.