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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Some Source Links Disappear from the FamilySearch Family Tree

Some links to sources added recently to the Family Tree have myteriously disappeared from the source boxes. For example, the source added above on 5 June 2016 is missing a URL link to the location where the source was found. Other citations appear to be duplicated without the links. I did not enter this source manually. It either came directly from through the link or it came from

I have been trying to figure out why I would have added a source that is already present and why I might have added the duplicate source without a link. Here is another source, again for the same record added two days earlier.

There appear to be multiple copies of the reference to this book, none of which now have a link to the original record. Here is another one from May, 2016.

I deleted all of the incomplete citations and entered in the link to ones that had no duplicates and were incomplete. Interesting. I speculate that this has something to do with the link to when all of the links are checked and all of the sources are included when you add new sources directly from The link to the book is to the Books section on

I detached two more copies of the book and added in the permalink to the book which is on as follows:

I guess I need to start going through the lists of sources and weed out the actual duplicates and make sure all the sources have links to original records.

Further note. This issues only seems to appear when I have synchronized my list of sources between and the Family Tree.

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  1. Sounds like a program bug has crept in. You should post this on the getsatisfaction board. If you do, it will get read and will get passed on to the software engineers to look into. Also, other users will be made aware of the problem and can check to see if it is happening to their sources as well, potentially giving the programmers more information to work with.

    If you see other examples of this, I would leave the source alone, post the person's ID number and the source involved, mention how you created the source and how you synchronized it. Then the programmers can have a specific example to analyze. As I am sure you are aware, the more information the programmers have, the quicker they will be able to fix the bug which may restore all the links which have vanished without you having to correct them one by one.