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Friday, March 25, 2016

More Information About Additional Green Icons in the FamilySearch Family Tree

I did get a number of responses to my post concerning the disconcerting appearance of a number of "green icons" indicated available Temple sealing ordinances for children and others who were "Born In the Covenant (BIC)" or had otherwise had all of their Temple work done. This included my wife's sister who died as an infant.

Essentially, the problem is one of series of issues caused by the continued movement of information from the program into the Family Tree. Apparently, information concerning the ordinance status was, in some cases, user contributed and the official membership records and official Temple records. So, if you or your family members submitted family group records or other genealogical information to FamilySearch or the Church and for any reason, the information was never added to the membership or Temple records, then with this latest development in the Family Tree, the ordinances will show up as needing to be done.

There are apparently three things that you can do if you happen to find any of these "green icons" where you know the ordinance work has been done.

  1. You can send a Feedback Message to FamilySearch from the link at the bottom almost every page of the website and supply them with documentation that the work has already been done and then wait for them to make the change.
  2. You can go ahead and re-do the ordinance.
  3. You can do nothing and just wait and see what happens next. 
I suggest the third option is not really an option, if you do not charge of the situation and resolve the missing ordinances, then someone else will. 

There is also a possibility that the "green icon" you are seeing is qualified by the 110 year rule and you must be the closest living relative as defined by the rule or have permission from a close relative to do the ordinance. 

As a side note, there is a default position that if you do not know whether or not the person was BIC then you should go ahead and do the ordinance. 

I appreciate any corrections or comments.


  1. Thanks for the additional information. We have noticed several cases recently where temple work that was previously complete is now showing up as available. We opened a case with FS for each one as we found it and sent them the dates the ordinances were done, which we had in Legacy from when we had previously synced with Family Tree. Within a few days we noticed the temple work had been changed to "Completed" but with no date or temple. We were told, as well, that this was happening because they were removing ordinance work that was contributed by users. But, in our case at least, this wasn't necessarily true as they were individuals we had performed the work for and there is no reason the ordinances wouldn't have been recorded by the temple.

  2. Duplicate records, especially duplicate LDS membership records (which can only be merged by creating a support case) will also cause those who were BIC to show that a SP ordinance is needed.