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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Link to Partner Programs in the App Gallery for LDS Access

One of the recent frustrations about the website for LDS users was the link to registering for the free Partner Websites. Recently, FamilySearch added a new link to the website registration from the App Gallery. A link to the App Gallery is located at the bottom of the startup page. The section is called "LDS Access" and has links to the Partner programs.

Here is a screenshot of the LDS Access Section:

I am not sure what the criteria is for inclusion since there are two "new" entries in this collection of links. If you click on the links you will get a page lettering you get started with the apps. In the case of the subscription apps, the links take you to a registration page. This is not a way to access the programs if you have already subscribed. If you have already subscribed, you should go directly to the program from your browser and sign in.

It looks like it is time to come back to the App Gallery and take a look at some of the "new" apps listed.

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