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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Church Service and Full-Time Senior Missionary Opportunities

It has been my privilege, for going on 14 years, to serve as a Church Service Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Presently, as I have mentioned in previous blog posts, my wife and I are called to serve as full-time missionaries in the Washington, D.C. North Mission as Record Preservation Specialists. During my time as Church Service Missionary, I have served in Mesa FamilySearch Library and, most recently, in the Brigham Young University Family History Library.

As I have grown older, I have seen many of my contemporaries retire from their jobs and professions. In many cases, these retirees have felt disoriented and lost without the daily discipline of a work environment. Some have extended families and soon learn that their children and grandchildren have their own busy lives. Others spend time with hobbies or take on part-time jobs to keep busy. In some cases, a planned retirement activity, such as extended travel, is not as important as once expected. For those who are members of the Church, it is important to seriously consider the service opportunities available both full and part-time as missionaries.

I know a number of dedicated people who have served as Church Service Missionaries in a variety of callings while living in their own homes and surrounded by family members, who have served far longer than I have. In talking with these people, I find that in every case they are enthusiastic about their callings and are grateful for the opportunities to serve.

In my case, I have had wonderful experiences and opportunities come to me and my wife as we have served in the area of family history. But the opportunities to serve both part-time and full-time are extensive and varied. Many of my friends have served several full-time missions in various full-time missions around the world. The opportunities are limited only by physical condition and willingness to serve.

A recent article in the Church News entitled, "8 Myths of Senior Missionary Service" talks about some of the common misconceptions about serving. I have noticed how, as a senior citizen, I am invisible to most people in our society. While serving as a missionary, I become a person again and can interact with people of all age levels. By the way, there is really no limit on the age of Church Service Missionaries. For more information about serving a mission see

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