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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Are these new developments for the Family Tree?

Just when you got comfortable with the Family Tree, there may be some new developments on the way. Above is a screenshot from showing a possible change to the detail page for all the entries in the Family Tree program. Remember, this is a Beta program and if you accidentally add any information or make any changes, they WILL BE LOST when you leave the program. So this is a place to look and see and try things out not do actual work.

Here is another possible addition to the Detail Pages.

Both the timeline and the map would be welcome additions. But while they are making changes, why don't they make the difference between the "Tree" link and the "View Tree" link more obvious.

Another possible change moves the Life Story to a "Talk" link.

You can see the suggested changes for yourself by logging in to the website.

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  1. as you noted these changes are in beta. While we don't know what the final product will be like, the big picture changes are almost certainly going to be introduced within the next few months. When a change happens in 'open beta' - doesn't required access to one of the experimental views, it usually indicates something that will be introduced to the production site.