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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Come Follow Me Companion added to The Family History Guide
One of the family activities encouraged by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the new Come Follow Me studies during 2019 is to become involved in family history. For example, the new manual entitled, "Come, Follow Me-- For Individuals and Families" suggests family history activities on Page 8. In addition, the following quote is found in the Unit Overview for the online Come Follow Me Sunday School curriculum for youth.
Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness enables family relationships to continue throughout eternity. Through family history work, we can learn more about our ancestors, identify and prepare the names of those who need gospel ordinances, and perform ordinance work for them in holy temples. The Church provides many resources to help us learn about our family history and participate in temple work for the dead.
However, there are few suggestions or activities for individuals or families that focus on family history. The Family History Guide has recently provided an extensive, weekly schedule of Family History Activities.  As The Family History Guide states:
We have created this family history companion to Come Follow Me to provide related family history activities. These can enrich your home-centered gospel study, while aiding your family in reaping the benefits and blessings of incorporating more family history into your lives. Feel free to explore the activities listed each week, and find more ideas in The Family History Guide Activities section.
The links in the Family History Guide will correspond to the weekly assignments in the Come Follow Me Manual.  For updates and discussion, please follow and like The Family History Guide Facebook page.


  1. We have incorporated ideas from the weekly lessons in the FH Guide in our ward family history efforts this year. It's awesome!

  2. This Companion is the key to unlocking fun, family actvities centered around Gospel instruction and famiy history.