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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

FamilySearch Homepage has New Link to My Family Booklet

Every so often FamilySearch hits a home run. The new booklet "My Family Booklet" truly circles the bases and waves to the crowd. It is a real winner. So where is it? Now it is on the startup page for and for sale in the LDS Store as My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together.

The version of the booklet on the startup page is tied directly to Family Tree. When you fill in the booklet with your family information, that information is saved to the Family Tree. This is a wonderful introduction to Family Tree and really simple and understandable way for anyone to enter four family generations into Family Tree. You have to see it to understand how simple it is. Here is a screenshot of the startup page showing the link to the booklet:

This booklet would be a perfect introduction to adding family information to Family Tree. If there is already information in Family Tree then the program adds the online information to the online booklet. Obviously, if you want a copy of the book with your information you have to write it into the booklet and then someone computer literate has to enter the information into the Family Tree program, assuming the person has a login and password.

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