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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Take time to subscribe

This is a relatively new blog. If you find articles that are of use to you, I would appreciate comments. Also, for your own convenience you might consider subscribing. You can use a program such as to subscribe to changes in almost any website or blog. You simply add the program to your browser bar and check for new posts to your subscribed websites or blogs.

Adding a new site to your subscriptions is most easily accomplished by copying the address or URL and posting that into the blank in when you add a new site. The new URL will then be added to your list of subscriptions. You can also use the link at the top of this blog to subscribe to some of the other reader or aggregator programs.

You can also subscribe by becoming a follower of this blog either directly or through NetWorkedBlogs on Facebook.

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  2. I like using so I can see all my blog subscriptions at once. It shows me the title of new entries, as well as a small sample of the text. It looks a lot like iGoogle, which was recently discontinued.