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Saturday, November 16, 2013 Site Map

One of my online friends, Michael McCormick of the Enduring Legacy Genealogy Blog, did some poking around and came up with a site map of the website.  Here is a screenshot showing the site map:

A site map is supposed to have a listing, by category or section, of all of the pages in a website. Some of the pages are not readily found any other way. For example, I have not looked at my own Detail Page in Family Tree on and found out that my photo is sideways:

Probably reflects my need for sleep.

Interestingly, the "Site Map" page isn't listed on the Site Map. I realize that this would get into "self referential" issues, but I wonder if even this site map is complete. I do see some omissions such as the new documents page in the Photos and Stories section. I did find a few pages I had never seen before such as the News and Press page. The News and Press page made me stop and wonder. It appeared that the Facts and Statistics section hadn't been updated for some considerable time. For example, the page lists 1,363 searchable historic record collections online but the actual number as of the date of this post is 1,664.

Oh well, who knows what else lurks in the heart of

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  1. I decided to write about this too and tried to list pages not included:

    Let me know your thoughts.