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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Getting Started with Descendancy Research

Sometime people tend to refer to doing genealogical research as "easy" in some form or another. This is especially true of people writing books and articles about genealogy rather than doing it themselves. There is nothing particularly easy about genealogical research. If you do find it to be easy, that is usually because you are picking the low hanging fruit, that is, finding people who are easy to find.

A recent blog post on the FamilySearch Blog is entitled "Easy Help for Beginning Your Descendancy Research." I would make the point in my opinion, the word "easy" as used in this context does not refer to the process of doing the research, but instead refers to finding the help resources. The post references a handout and an accompanying video. The video is referenced above and the handout is found by clicking here.

Getting started with descendancy research is also covered in depth in the FamilySearch Research Wiki article entitled, "How to find Descendants in the United States." I suggest reading through the article and looking at the links. With this you will a fairly good idea of what is involved.

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