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Friday, November 29, 2013

My Family History Calling Newsletter

FamilySearch is now sending out an email newsletter called "My Family History Calling Newsletter." This appears to be a monthly message and likely is being sent to registered Family History Consultants throughout the Church. Here is a screenshot of the top part of the latest issue:

If you are involved in Family History at any level, you need to at least be reviewing what is contained in this newsletter. There is a link at the top of the newsletter to "View as Webpage." Clicking on this link brings the newsletter up in a webpage (surprise!) but there is no clear way to subscribe to the newsletter or unsubscribe if you have now been called to the Primary or whatever and therefore no longer have any interest in or duty to do any Family History.

In searching the document, I found two tiny links at the very bottom of the webpage. One is a link to "Preferences" and the the other is a link to "Unsubscribe." So the first question is resolved, you can now stop being bothered by those pesky family history people and you can go on ignoring your ancestors. But what is the other link?

Here is a screenshot showing the location of the two tiny links at the bottom of the page:

That link takes you to a page called the "Profile Center." Where is this page? I have no idea how to get to this page any other way. You can then review your information and unsubscribe or change the way you receive the email. There are two more links on that page. Here is a screenshot with my personal information hidden:

The link to the Subscription Center is interesting. There are a number of different publications you can subscribe to, most of which I have never heard of previously. Very interesting and useful. But I suggest that if you don't like email, you seriously consider what you ask for.

There is one last link and that is to a Help Center. Here is what the Help Center has to say. That seems to be the end of the links. It still leaves me wondering where I have been and how to get there.

Help Center
The Profile Center is designed to help you self-manage your demographic information as well as communication preferences. To update your personal information, such as name or email address, please click on the Profile Center link. Make your changes in the right hand pane and simply click the Update button in the My Personal Information section. To change your communication preferences, mark the appropriate boxes in the My Preferences section and hit the Update button at the bottom of the page.

The Subscription Center is designed so that you can subscribe and unsubscribe from specific communications. The Available Publications section lists all the communications to which you can subscribe; those marked with a check are publications you are currently subscribed to. To unsubscribe from one or more communications, uncheck the appropriate checkbox and hit the Update button; you will remain subscribed to all those communications whose boxes are checked.

To unsubscribe from all communications, scroll to the bottom of the Subscription Center, check the box labeled I no longer wish to receive any future communications, and hit the Update button.

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