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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Some more or less obscure resources from FamilySearch

Sometimes the website seems like one of those old mansions you see from time to time in movies that seem to have an endless supply of rooms, some of which are filled with old abandoned furniture and other items. I have always wondered why those people didn't hold huge garage sales, but then the movies would not have a lot of old props to use in the plot. One major difference between the mansions and is that in the website, the doors (links) keep moving around.

So what has been "lost" lately on One example is the post I wrote recently about the Reference Guide to Family Tree. So far, I found the updated Guide once, but have not been able to duplicate my return journey. So far the only link I can find to the Guide is in a Help Center document entitled "Getting started using Family Tree." Just to assist you in finding the Reference Guide, here is the link again.

Another of the "lost" parts of is the "Learning Center." In this case, this particular resource consists of hundreds of videos on various topics. The page used to be prominently available, but now has moved off into obscurity under a link from the "Get Help" option in the upper right-hand corner of the startup page. It is called the "Learning Center Video Courses" and the page is essentially the same as it was before the whole website was redesigned.

OK, no post about obscurity would be complete without a treasure hunt. Here is screen shot of a page. See if you can figure out where it is on the website and how you get there from the startup page. I am not going to give you any hints or include a link, but this is a currently active and available page on

Here is another page that is linked to the one above. Have you seen this before? Do you know how to get to this page? If you do, you score high on the familiarity with tally sheet:

Did you know that the website was in several different languages? See the link at the bottom of the startup page for a list.

Now finally, by going down one long hallway, we find the "Community-powered support for FamilySearch." This page is actually on a different website but can be reached through a series of links from  Here is a screenshot:

If you haven't guessed by now, you might begin to realize that is a really big website with a gigantic number of resources. Click around and see what else is hiding behind those mansion doors. 


  1. I had to Google for it - Image Capture at

    Active Projects at

    Are there links anywhere on the series of pages that we all use? I didn't see any.

    1. They are buried down in the program. I will explain more in subsequent posts. Thanks for the comment.

  2. #1 The Reference Guide for Family Tree is at or Looks like you have to be signed in to see it.

    #2 I found the last one by clicking on Feedback at the very bottom of most pages

    #3 Speaking of obscure, how about these?

    There must be more. A site map someplace would be nice.

  3. I figured I would have to be logged in to find everything so that was first. Then I found the first one by clicking on "About" at the bottom of the home page and then going to "Archives" and "Services" and there is "Image Capture".

    Why on earth is it so difficult to find??