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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Leader's Guide to Temple and Family History Work

 On the website, there are a number of valuable resources to assist local leaders in their family history responsibilities. Primary among these resources is the publication, "Leader's Guide to Temple and Family History Work, To Turn the Hearts." This publication contains Quick Start Guides for Stake Presidents, High Counselors, Bishops, Ward Council Members, High Priests Group Leaders, Family History Consultants, and Area Family History Advisors.

 As the Guide points out:
Members who engage in this work are inspired to live gospel centered lives and are more likely to participate in personal and family prayer, personal and family scripture study, and regular family home evening. Typically, when members participate in Temple and family history work they are more likely to participate in all other church meetings.
 Reading the Guide can have surprising results. For example, on page 9 of the Guide it states:
Wards may choose to organize a ward indexing effort if there is no structured FamilySearch indexing effort in the stake.
 As I observe how family history work is implemented in many wards throughout the church, I am certain that there is little general familiarity with the contents of the Guide.

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  1. So true! My ward has been progressing in family history over the last year and next month I'm training the rest of our consultants on indexing. They're excited to learn. Our stake leadership isn't converted, but hopefully we will blosom on a ward level, leading to the stake eventually.