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Monday, November 4, 2013

Using BYU Family History Resources

I hear very few references in the genealogical community about the resources for assisting with genealogy and family history on the Brigham Young University (BYU) website. Here are some highlights of the extensive resources available through BYU:

Probably the first place you should look for family history information from BYU is the Family History Library. Occasionally while using this website and all BYU websites, you will be asked to sign in as a student or faculty member. Even if you are neither of these, you can still use many, if not most, of the resources. A few of the resources of the BYU Family History Library include the following:

  • Research Outlines -- these are PDF copies of the original printed copies
  • Digital Archives -- links to every state's archive website
  • Records -- links to guides, records and websites for Bibles, Censuses, Death and Obituary Records, Immigration Records, Military Records, Probate Records and other databases and records
  • Subject List -- links to resources by subject heading
You should click on the many links on the website to discover even more valuable resources.

The next valuable resource on the BYU website is the Center for Family History and Genealogy. This resource has several valuable projects including:
  • Discovering English Ancestors
  • The Nauvoo Community Project
  • Script Tutorials
  • Welsh Mormon History
  • Immigrant Ancestors Project
  • Family History Companion
I will likely devote some specific blog posts in the future to each of these projects.

Religion 261 Online Lessons is a complete university level free course you can take online from BYU. 

US Census Tutorial is a free online course for learning about the U.S. Census records.

The BYU Digital Collections include several family history specific collections such as copies of the BYU Family Historian a periodical written annually from 2002 to 2007 by Brigham Young University's Center for Family History and Genealogy.

Ancestors, a companion web site to the PBS family history and genealogy television series.

There are a lot more resources, such as those in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections Library and websites and resources. I will continue to highlight some of these resources from time to time. 

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