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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Free Family History Library Webinars and Handouts Online

The world famous (at least in the genealogical community) Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah offers a wealth of information online. Quoting from a blog post dated November 7, 2014:
Do you wish that you could come to the Family History Library in Salt Lake to attend classes and learn from the genealogical specialists on the Family History Library research teams? The specialists are coming to you! Each team has planned and prepared webinars and handouts to help you with your research. All you need to participate is a computer and an Internet connection. 
In 2014 we offered several popular webinars on a variety of family history topics. We will offer a wide selection of new webinars in 2015 as well. They will all be available to you free of charge and easily accessible via the internet. So, come join us for a great year of exciting new webinars.
Upcoming webinars include subjects from the United States, Canada, the British Isles and Scandinavia. Upcoming webinars are listed on the Research Wiki. For example, here is a screenshot of the Online Webinars from the British Isles Team:

Also look for webinars from the other "teams" such as the Online Webinars from the United States/Canada Research Team. If you login to, you can "watch" these webinar pages in the Research Wiki and get notices when anything is added to the pages. For additional webinars from the Library staff, search for "webinars" in the Research Wiki.

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