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Friday, November 7, 2014

Invitation to preview the New Indexing Program to Consultants and Indexing Directors

In a post entitled, "New Indexing Program Leads to More Found Ancestors," Janell Vasquez of FamilySearch has posted about the new Indexing Program that is now in beta test. She invites Stake Indexing Directors, Family History Center Volunteers and others involved in teaching the program as follows:
Did you receive your invitation to participate in the beta test for the new indexing program last month? If not, now’s your chance to join! Click here to see the invitation, or go directly to to check it out and prepare yourself to share it with the members of your stake. 
We invite you to: 
  • Index as many batches as needed to become familiar with the program.
  • Verify that you see the Settings link on the group page for the groups you oversee. If you do not, contact your stake, district, ward, or branch clerk, and ask him to ensure your calling is properly recorded in the Member and Leader System (MLS). If you do see the Settings link, explore the group administrative features.
  • Report problems that you encounter to
 She further indicates that:
Later in November, we will invite all indexers into the beta program so that they can also learn about the program and see how it works. You’ll want to be ready for the questions they may have when they join. 
In December, you will receive an invitation to begin using the new indexing program—the live version! When you receive access, you will follow the same steps as above. At that point we will be using real data and getting the program ready for additional indexers to join in the following weeks. 
If you have not had the opportunity to learn about the program yet, you can learn more by reading these articles:

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