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Monday, November 10, 2014

Watch for Improvements to the My Family Booklet Capture Tool

FamilySearch announces in a blog post entitled, "Improvements to the My Family Booklet Capture Tool" will be introduced during the month of November, 2014. Jim Greene of FamilySearch states:
During November, several important updates will be made to the My Family Booklet capture tool (the tool that allows users to transfer information about their four generations from My Family booklet to a digital online version of the booklet). These updates include the improvements shown below and will be delivered in several releases during November.
The improvements include the following:
  1. Speed and Flow. Improvements have been made so that the booklet capture tool now works faster. The load time and the time it takes to export information to tree have been rewritten to make it a faster and better experience for the user.
  2. Usability. We’ve responded to a number of concerns that were raised after we first released the booklet capture tool. We’ve re-written the children and sibling pages to be easier to use. We’ve included field specific help that guides the user through the process of creating a digital record with the tool. It explains how the information from the booklet pulled from the tree and how new information is added to the tree.
  3. Mass Copy. The user now has the option to copy all information from the tree in a single action. This allows users with significant tree information to leverage that information all at once and to focus their booklet experience on photos, stories, and adding new people.
  4. Responsive Design. We’ve ensured that all of the pages in the booklet capture tool will display and function properly on mobile devices (both tablets and smart phones). This will extend the usefulness of the booklet capture tool to many users internationally who access the internet via mobile.
  5. PDF Output. Users will be able to export their online booklet to a PDF format that can be printed or shared with others.
  6. Additional Languages. The booklet capture tool will be offered through the language picker (and through browser detection) in the following additional languages:
  • Armenian
  • Dutch
  • Fijian
  • Hungarian
  • Khmer
  • Mongolian
  • Swedish
  • Samoan
  • Thai
  • Tongan
  • Ukrainian
    This will help users who speak the above languages have a better experience transferring their information from their printed booklet (already in their languages) to an online experience that matches the printed experience.

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