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Monday, March 16, 2015

First Look at the FamilySearch Family Tree New Interface

What to my wondering eyes should appear but the new interface for the Family Tree. They must be up to 10% or something with the release. Perhaps they just decided to speed up the process of adding new people to the new interface.

I really like it a lot more than the previous one. It is a lot more inviting. I also like having the icons available  previously only on the Descendancy View on what is now called the Landscape View. We are definitely moving away from Traditional in a good way.

Hovering over the people does not do anything anymore. No more appearing and disappearing additional information. You can see the list of children. Here is a screenshot showing some of the children.

The icons still suggest that Temple work is available, but they are more clear about the existence of duplicate entries.

Good improvement.

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  1. From the Show tool on the top right of the tree menu, you can turn all indicators off or on, one at a time, or altogether, so that the portraits disappear, the hints disappear, etc. You can also change the background from nightshade dark to sunrise light. The blue and pink lines to the left of the couple box indicate gender. You don't see indicators for other spouses or parents, but you still can go directly to a person's summary card by hovering over a name. The drop down tool to change views from traditional to fan to portrait to descendancy is gone, and the icons for those views are on the tree menu. Much sleeker. I like it!