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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Puzzilla Premium now on Family History Centers Portal

Free access to the Premium edition is now available for free on the Family History Center Portal. In a blog post from FamilySearch entitled, "Puzilla Premium Services Now on the FHC Portal" it was announced:
Family history centers now have free access to Puzilla Premium on the Family History Center Portal under Premium Family History Websites. Members with very full trees often struggle to find ancestors who are in need of temple work. Puzzilla Premium offers new tools to help members look at their ancestors’ descendancy charts in new ways. Using the family history center portal, locate the link to Puzilla and click to enter their webpage. Once on the website, users must sign in with their FamilySearch account. In the control panel on the left, select which data request will be sent to the Family Tree. The button will change from gray to color.
This is the program that started the revolution in finding cousins on the Family Tree. Coupled with the Descendancy View on the Family Tree, these valuable utility programs add an extended level of analysis to the Family Tree giving users the ability to more efficiently find families that may have been overlooked in past research efforts. Some of the featured added to the free program by the Premium Edition are as follows:
  • New Research Targets ̶̶̶ Highlight persons that may have missing family members where new research opportunities may be available. 
  • Search ̶̶̶ Highlight records that match a specified name, location, or Family Tree ID. 
  • Hints ̶̶̶ Highlight FamilyTree records that have pre-matched historical records. Hints do the searching for you. 
  • Sources ̶̶̶ Highlight records that have sources attached. This reveals records that lack sources to help you improve the quality of your tree. 
  • Changes ̶̶̶ Highlight records that were created or changed by you. 
  • Possible Duplicates ̶̶̶ Highlight records with possible duplicates to help improve the quality of your tree. 
  • Incomplete Ordinances ̶̶̶ Used together with Possible Duplicates, the combination helps find ordinance opportunities for records that do not have possible duplicates.
For more information about the Premium Services see their Frequently Asked Questions and also, this excerpt from the FamilySearch blog post:
For more information about using Puzilla and Puzilla Premium see the videos under How To in the toolbar at the top of the Puzilla web page. Puzzilla is a wonderful tool to help members with partial and full family trees find family members who are in need of temple ordinances. It is also a fun tool to use as we teach others about success in finding ancestors to take to the temple. Remember that Puzilla’s basic services are free everywhere. Puzilla Premium Services at the family history center adds a new tool to the Find, Take, Teach toolkit.
Premium Services are available for $39.95 for an annual subscription with a FREE 30-day trial. Your card will not be charged until after the trial.

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