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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Old and the New -- FamilySearch Family Tree

I happened to have two different browsers open at the same time and opened two different windows of's Family Tree. I was surprised to see the new Landscape Family Tree view on the Firefox Browser and the older Traditional View on the Chrome browser. Yes, I can log into the program in two different browsers at the same time on the same machine. I like the new interface much better than the old one, but I haven't had much of chance to do anything with it since it just showed up this evening.

Note Added later: Apparently, this was a temporary phenomena. I tried getting into with the new website using both the Chrome browser and the Firefox browser the next morning and had the old Traditional view on both. I guess I am still not in any of the 5% increments. Of course, the new interface is viewable in the version, but I will wait to comment on the details of the new interface until I have the real thing.


  1. It looks like the tree on the left is the production tree and the tree on the right is the beta tree.

    1. The one on the right is not on the "Beta" website. I logged into with my regular login and password.

  2. My lds account sign in still gets me to the old version.