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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Revealing Look at the New Interface for FamilySearch Family Tree

I got a heads up from Amy Archibald about a post in her Revealing Roots and Branches blog. She has the new Family Tree interface and gives the most extensive review so far with numerous screenshots. Here are some of the features she covers:

  • New Welcome to FamilySearch Page
  • The What's This button
  • The Learn What to Do button (looks like a really valuable feature)
  • The What do I Look For button (another valuable feature)
  • Recommended Task link
  • Source Linker
  • Ancestor's Memories Tab sub tabs for photos, documents, audio and stories
  • Your Activity tab
  • Youth Temple Challenge
  • Your To-Do List
  • Your Statistics
  • Help Link

It looks like the new Interface is much more than a pretty face. It also looks like we will all have a lot more help from FamilySearch with the new links and tabs. Check out Amy's post for the details about each of the items in the list.

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