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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Find your cousins with Puzzilla and Puzzilla Premium -- Part Three

In this post in the series about and Premium, I take a look at the Hints and Sources links. Here is a screenshot of the startup page with arrows pointing to the two additional resources.

If you look carefully at the tree diagram, you will see that nearly every person on my direct lines has sources. If I click on any one of the ancestors with sources, Puzzilla Premium will give me a list of the sources for that person. Here is an example from one of my Great-great-grandmothers:

This feature helps to give you a perspective of how much work has gone into each of the people on your tree. Entries with long lists of sources are rock solid. But if there are individuals with very few or no sources, there is always the possibility that the conclusion about the identity of that person could be wrong. In other words that might not be the right person in the Family Tree.

The orange colored squares are Record Hints. You can see that my ancestors have very few, probably because we have added so many sources already. But there is a Record Hint for one of the ancestors who shows as the end-of-their-particular-line. Unfortunately in this case, the Record Hint was not the right person.

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