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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Classes and Training available from The Family History Guide

One of the most common problems expressed by Ward Family History Consultants is their lack of training. Many Ward Family History Consultants are called without any explanation at all as to their duties or what they need to do to become knowledgeable enough to teach other Ward members. The Family History Guide has been created to address that problem in a professional and highly organized way.

The developers of the Guide have added a completely developed set of lessons and instruction aimed at teaching individuals and groups to their already valuable website. You can access these helpful materials by clicking on the Classes and Training link on the left-hand side of the Get Started page. The materials include an overall Training Strategies document and well-developed presentations and training modules.

There is a fully functional Microsoft Power Point presentation.

I only very occasionally cover exactly the same topic on both of my blogs unless there is a definite overlap between the two venues. In this case, I feel that it was about time that someone addressed the topic of family history in an overall, organized, structured and sequenced fashion. There have been a multitude of "get started" guides to family history, but this is the first to do so in a professional level that integrates the newest websites and resources online as well as basic instruction.

To use the materials, read the instructions first. Go to

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  1. I haven't looked at this update yet and look forward to doing so. I was a little disappointed with the lessons previously, as they were only in handout format, with very few exciting or informative visuals. Maybe this will be better.