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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Share your photos and videos in the RootsTech 2016 Opening

FamilySearch is requesting submissions of family memories in the form of videos and photos to be used in the RootsTech 2016 Opening Kick-Off video. One lucky submitter will win a full RootsTech 2016 Conference Pass worth more than $200.

Here is a quote from the announcement in a FamilySearch Blog post entitled, "Be a Part of RootsTech -- Submit your Family Memories."
Discovering new connections, linking generations, and celebrating families is what RootsTech is all about. Families across cultures, countries, and continents are full of universal connections. This year, RootsTech wants to share what draws families together by compiling clips of your family videos and photos. Selected footage from those who submit will be used to create the RootsTech 2016 Opening Video, and shared with families from all over the world during the event. 
What Kind of Footage Can I Share? 
If you have taped the first steps of your son, a family adventure, a beloved tradition, your grandson’s graduation, your grandmother’s funeral or your grandfather teasing the grandkids, we want to share your meaningful moments as part of our event. No memory is too old or too new! Pull out the footage your parents have stored of you as a child and share with us your first day of school or at a new job. Footage or photos of your family spending time together at a reunion, a birthday party, or moving into a new house are all memories we would love to see!
Here is an example from the post:

FamilySearch concludes by saying:
Submissions will be collected from now until October 15, 2015. To submit, click on the submission button below, which will take you to a simple submission form. Fill in the necessary information and attach your video. We will then notify you if your video has been selected!

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