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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Focus on the App Gallery: Three for printing

There are presently 107 apps in the App Gallery. If I were to write about one a week, it would take me more than two years to write about each one. Also, if I tried to do that, some of them would have been removed and others added by the time I got through. So, I guess I have to pick and choose what I write about. So this time, I thought I would write about a few of the apps in the same post. So, here it goes.

This App or program is the one used at the Brigham Young University Family History Library to print fan charts on their wide-format printer. Here is the description of the program from the App Gallery:
We have a wide variety of charts to view your genealogy. Whether you are looking for a fun chart, or a chart to display on your wall, or a working chart to do research, we have a chart for you! 
All of our charts are very easy to create. Simply login using your FamilySearch user name and password, and select the type of chart you want. We gather your data from FamilySearch and create the chart for you. 
All of our charts are FREE! 
Once you've found the chart you like, take it to a print shop to get it printed, or allow us to print it for you for a small fee. To have us print and mail the chart, simply press the Print button after you've created your chart. 
Our charts make great gifts. When ordering a printed chart, enter the person's address you are gifting it to. 
For those of you who keep your genealogy data elsewhere, we can create your chart with a GEDCOM file.
 I don't print out any of my information because it changes so rapidly and so often. But this is a very useful app for those who do want paper copies of their Family Tree ancestors. The key here is finding a large format printer for the output. Some of the quick-print stores have this service but unless there is one near you, you might have to find one online.

Here is another chart company with free charts. Of course, neither company actually prints the charts so basically they are program for creating a chart and, as I noted above, it is up to the user to get the file printed. Here is their explanation:
Welcome to TenGenChart 
Create your chart here. 
TenGenChart is a service that is currently focused around delivering large circular pedigree charts to those interested in seeing most of their family tree in a single glance. With our pedigree chart, you can easily see where your genealogical efforts will be best spent. 
See our products page for a current list of the items we offer. Also make sure to check the downloads page for blank documents anyone can enjoy. 
Uses for products from our site
  • Blank Pedigree Charts: for handwritten or calligraphy.
  • Filled in charts: when merged with your account.
  • Future plans include a worksheet with links for finding missing people.
For those of you who have accounts, make sure to click on the My Charts link to see what options there are for you. Our goal is to help you make the most of your time. With our chart, you can see the generations where your efforts are best spent.
Our family's graphic design business used to print wide-format prints. Depending on the quality, the paper or other media and the size, they can be quite expensive. I would assume that giving away the layout for free would perhaps evolve into a printing business. Just a guess.

It looks like this post has a printing theme. This next app is also a printing utility with sample charts. This seems to be the least complicated of the apps so far. Here is their explanation of the program:
Easily create beautiful, modern family trees in minutes.
Download for free or pay for a full-size print.
Start by choosing a template below.
That's it. You can download part of the Family Tree but that is the entire program. You might like their artwork so take a look.

That's enough for now. I have cut the time needed to review all the Apps and still have a lot of them to highlight.

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