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Friday, June 3, 2016

Be a FamilySearch Expert just published by FamilyHistoryExpos

Family History Expos has just published another in its series of research guides. The newest addition is Be a FamilySearch Expert. This 204 page book is authored by Holly T. Hansen, James L. Tanner and Kimberly A. Savage. It is available on and on the new website. Here is the description of the book from
This Research Guide will give you an in-depth look at It discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the various databases available to you through this program which will greatly expand your research toolkit. Learn how to use the Help Center, the Training Center, and FamilySearch Memories. Discover the powerful capability of FamilySearch Family Tree to preserve your family history findings. Step-by-step instructions about setting up a family, verifying and correcting existing data, and documenting and adding sources to individuals’ and couples’ records. Find out how easy it is to use the new layout of the Research Wiki and what tremendous resources await you there. Learn how the FamilySearch Catalog, WorldCat, and ArchivGrid work together to point you in exciting new directions for your research. An often-overlooked collection, Historical Records, may hold that elusive clue to your brick wall if you know how to use it. FamilySearch Indexing, FamilySearch Books, and FamilySearch Genealogies will all be covered.
 This is the newest addition to the extensive series of books already available on genealogical research.

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