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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Anticipating the other shoe to drop

Early next morning, June 27, 2016, will be down for a period of time, perhaps as long as 24 hours. Taking down a hugely popular website is not done lightly. I suspect that there will be some noticeable changes. In any event, one way or another, I will be monitoring the event and reporting on any perceived changes. I did receive the following notice from which only heightens my curiosity.

There have been quite a few comments, some showing that the commentators have no idea about what the Family Tree is or why there might be a need for an "upgrade." One thing I do hope is that the speed of the program improves, especially on Sunday afternoons on Utah time.


  1. Here's an explanation from someone who appears to know what will happen:

    1. I suppose we will know soon enough. Although nothing in the post you refer to is news to me.