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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Searching for your Relatives?

In our highly mobile society, I have found that many genealogists are really interested in discovering their living relatives. Motivation for this can come through a desire to find out information about family lines, but it may also arise as a result of a need to belong to a family. As a result of this general interest in living relatives, there are two apps in the App Gallery that are aimed at the processs of discovering living relatives.

The first of these is called "Are we related?" and is an Android app. Since I do not have any Android devices, I could not test the program. So I will have to leave that up to you to comment on. As usual, I suggest a visit to the website but this app does not yet have any reviews. Perhaps you can add one? has been around for a while and has developed quite a following. Developed by the Family History Technology Lab at Brigham Young University, it is an easy to use, free, collaborative program that shows relationships using the Family Tree.

Relative Finder also has yet to garner any reviews in

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